Healthy Care

Medication and Equipment donations to health facilities to offer specialized treatments.


Supporting low income families to be able to send their kids to elementary and primary school.


Vital to the community for domestic use, proper sanitation and Livestock upkeep.


Domestic eco & renewable energy solutions in far flung areas that dont have electricity.

Who are we?

Destiny Hope Foundation is a non-governmental organization established in Tanzania 2018. Primary objectives of the organization includes tree planting, education to children and youth, provision materials to school and health centers, women self-employment programs, health services and clean and safe water.

Working with the Local Communities

DHF works with vulnerable communities to help create a small impact of changing lives by providing some of the most basic and essential services that will help the less priveleged in society improve on their daily chores and lives.

How we help

Water Project

Safe drinking water for domestic and substistence irrigation withing the communities.

Environemtal Conservation

Tree Planting Exercieses to mitigate the effeacts of droughts and conserve the environment

Girls education program

Support Girl’s education with our education program.

Humanitarian Aid

Support for the old and vulnerable group in society

Food Aid: Beating Hunger

Lack of proper nutrition as a result of lack of food has been a hindrance to a healthy development for many affected children in Tanzania

Thank you for your donations

Our Projects