About us

Who we are

Destiny Hope Foundation is a non-governmental organization established in Tanzania 2018. Primary objectives of the organization includes tree planting, education to children and youth, provision materials to school and health centers, women self-employment programs, health services and clean and safe water.

Our Vision
Destiny Hope Foundation vision is to facilitate high exploitation of available resources and opportunities to care for the less privileged members of our society through affordable economic solutions towards poverty alleviation.

Mission Statement
To care and help the community to attain better life through humanitarian assistance, educational, economic and social empowerment.

DHF involves in different activities in the community helping to provide necessary advice and support mechanisms to aid in better living standards within the community in which we operate.

DHF’s focus is on empowering women and youth in the area of business skills and opportunities around their scope and consult access to credit opportunities, participation in various activities that help in environmental conservation, adoption of eco-friendly energy resources, pursuit of clean water for all, providing support mechanisms to facilitate educational and medical materials to the needy in society.

We also train the community on strategic livestock and agricultural management as a means for bringing economic relief in order to minimize threats, malnutrition and poverty and act as an advisory consultative body on matters affecting women, youth, children and community at large.

DHF philosophizes on the idea that many problems facing our communities will be successfully solved by community members themselves, thus their empowerment is crucial in achieving this milestone.

Our focus also galvanizes the identification of problems facing people through need assessment and design of good techniques of conveying information directly to the audience. This will foster good co-operation in helping us tackle the challenges at hand in a more humane way.

Our Projects