Food Aid

Food Aid Campaign and Support Channel

A basic daily requirement but elusive and inadequate to many living in the rural areas and dry arid nomadic regions. This challenge is compounded with the fact that some of the rural areas are ravaged by drought and poor agricultural support systems. This cycle leads to severe hunger and malnutrition to children and even death.

Lack of rainfall for crop productions has resulted into shortage of food in rural areas where crops are living principle and leading to inability to work and provision of family needs.

Lack of proper nutritious food which is essential for children’s growth and development has become threats to children increasing number of childhood death and malnutrition.

Destiny Hope Foundation Tanzania helps through well wishers to eliminate the problem by providing food relief such as beans, rice, cooking oil and maize flour in rural areas. As the situation is so pitiful DHF asks for donations from you to help keep the situations of others in need good and healthy.

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