Goat and Chicken Project

Working with the Local Communities

DHF is empowering women through the Goat and Chicken Project that focuses on milk producing goats and rearing chicken which are very productive to many families in providing Milk, Meat and Eggs.

Milk provides protein to children and is used in tea preparation and hence reducing the cost of buying from shops. Families may also sell the goats to meet other family financial obligations. One young goat can be sold up to 40 US Dollar. This cash can be used in jumpstarting other economically viable projects, pay school fees for school going children, pay for medical bills etc

Chicken eggs are a good and affordable source of proteins to young children as well as the rest of the family members. Chicken contribute to the family income curve as one chicken can be sold from 4 US Dollar to 6 US Dollar. A tray of eggs that carries 30 eggs may be sold for up to 4.8US Dollar. Income generated from chicken and chicken products can help in improving the social economic activities in the rural family and help in paying school fees for the children in schools as well as take care of other family financial obligations.

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