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Saving lives by donating Medical Equipment

Affordable healthcare services sometimes are a tall order in some of the rural settings in Africa where you find healthcare facilities do not have the basic equipment required to assist them in administering the care needed to the sick.

This lack of basic facilities renders offering of basic universal healthcare services a tall order and what follows is either non-serious conditions deteriorating and becoming an expensive affair in the long run when basic services cannot be offered. Worst case scenario is where lives are lost and patients end us with more serious conditions due to non-treatment.

Destiny Hope Foundation Tanzania pleads with those – individuals and organizations that are in a position to help donate medical equipment that they do not need to help us distribute to those affected health care facilities so that basic services sought by the locals can be effectively administered.

In a scenario where you are not capable of shipping in your support, we can assist source locally and you assist meet the cost of purchase.

We have put in place tracking and reporting channels so that all the equipment donated are installed on the needy healthcare facilities and confirmations / testimonials of reception from facility managers confirmed so that donors know that their donated equipment has been put to use and is saving lives.

Equipment you can donate include:

  • Ambulances
  • Beds
  • Mattresses
  • Clinical Thermometers
  • Wheel Chairs
  • Bedsheets
  • Rapid diagnostic test for Malaria equipment
  • PB automatic machine
  • DNA test equipment
  • CT Scan Machines
  • Fluoroscopy Equipment
  • Ultrasound Machines

Optic Equipment you can donate include:

  • AB Scanners
  • Automatic Toro meter(s)
  • Slit lamp machines
  • Phaco Emulsification machines
  • Delivery beds
  • Gynecology beds
  • Resuscitation kit for both infants and adult (sets)
  • Microscopes
  • X-ray Machines
  • Full blood count machines

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